Vancouver Island three ways

Many destinations promise something for every type of traveller. But few places deliver the breadth of Vancouver Island. At 32,000 square kilometres – about half the size of Lake Huron – the island offers towering waterfalls and spruce trees, sandy beaches, skiing and surfing, plus a remarkable concentration of distillers, brewers, coffee roasters and other … [Read more…]

Wild times on the East Coast

It was a rather strange place to find horses. Traversing to the top of Bald Dune – huffing and puffing in my warm, bright-red survival suit, my gum boots sinking into the sand, a climb that felt like three heavy steps for every single stride – I took in the view from the top of … [Read more…]

After 130 columns, it’s time for me to wave a fond farewell to the Travel Concierge slot

Well, that went fast! After more than three years, around 80,000 words and 130 columns, it’s time for me to wave a fond farewell to the Travel Concierge slot. The big surprise? I lasted more than six months. When I was offered this regular question-and-answer gig back in 2013, I was simultaneously surprised and butt-clenchingly … [Read more…]

‘You couldn’t pass judgement on a goldfish’: The most hilarious TripAdvisor management responses ever

Fish and chip shop owner described a reviewer as ‘an obvious low life’   Aberdeen Cafe owner said that one reviewer had a ‘twisted sense of reality’ One guest was accused of posting ‘a list of nonsensical grumbling’ By John Hutchinson for MailOnline These days the travel and tourism industry is increasingly judged from behind the … [Read more…]