Behold, the most hilarious dog pictures EVER

Owners from across the world have shared snaps of their comical canines  One sees a manic-looking dog engaged in an epic battle with a leaf-blower   Other examples include a chihuahua who has burrowed itself inside a cushion  By Annabel Fenwick Elliott for MailOnline When it comes to comical pets, cats certainly tend to steal the internet … [Read more…]

An Adriatic Meal around the French Shore –

within this week’s specific Europe concern, investigate the waters, wetlands and shores of 10 favorite areas; follow inside the actions of Carl Linnaeus in Swedish Lapland; eat over the Adriatic shoreline between Venice and Trieste (under); in order to find a tranquil lodge using a water-view. Has anybody actually moved to France to be on … [Read more…]

Improve a glass to winery structure

People to Mission Hill Vineyard in West Kelowna cross under a huge archway that frames the courtyard and properties beyond. Halted in the height of the archway is really a 5,000-kg limestone dice, etched with all the vineyard founder’s coating of hands. It’s an extraordinary welcome for the awardwinning hilltop vineyard, a principal of wine … [Read more…]