Flamingo selfies are the new social media trend

The two-legged animals of the Caribbean island of Aruba have become an unlikely sensation on social media   Unafraid of human interaction, the domesticated animals happily mingle with photo-friendly holiday-makers  The hot-pink wading birds populate super-exclusive 5-star resort Renaissance Island, which is a private estate As a result, Instagram has been inundated with images of … [Read more…]

Behold, the most hilarious dog pictures EVER

Owners from across the world have shared snaps of their comical canines  One sees a manic-looking dog engaged in an epic battle with a leaf-blower   Other examples include a chihuahua who has burrowed itself inside a cushion  By Annabel Fenwick Elliott for MailOnline When it comes to comical pets, cats certainly tend to steal the internet … [Read more…]