Traveling to America While Muslim –

Sulaika Abokor, a Somali-born elementary-school teacher in London, dreams of “a road trip from Seattle to California.” Even the 34-year-old was planning a vacation to Seattle to see. She fell in love with all all the outdoorsy town when she seen in 2010. However, due to the Trump government’s travel ban forbidding most traffic from … [Read more…]

Where the Wallowa Mountains Begin –

Hours in any direction from the nearest decent-size city, Wallowa County, Ore., is remote even by the standards of the rural Northwest. For there, my husband, our daughter and I snapped across the straw-colored shore of the Columbia River, through Pendleton, house of the rugged woolen blanket, also La Grande, also a college town with … [Read more…]

Paris for $400?

What Money Buys –

Maybe you have been fascinated by the cheap (and in some instances completely inexpensive) fares being dispersed recently by cheap, long-haul carriers such as West, Level and XL Airways. Fares in and out of hubs are just another, although fleeting fares are something. Let us peek at everything you can buy, especially if. Officials now … [Read more…]

When Dinosaurs Roamed North Dakota –

On a blisteringly hot June day in the North Dakota Badlands, there are very few signs of life outside of birds, snakes and wandering livestock. The landscape is tall, stark and punishing, with loose rocks to trip you and serrated cliffs to cut you when you fall. Conical peaks rise from the ground, each striated … [Read more…]