The Way to Utilize Twitter and Facebook for Emergency Travel Information –

You do not need to enjoy Twitter or Facebook, or perhaps article to them, however if a crisis strikes, social media sites can be key travel gear. Since Hurricane Maria neared the Caribbean this past week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) utilized Twitter to disseminate protector info. And every time a strong earthquake rocked … [Read more…]

Later Irma: Caribbean Tourism, Island from Island –

A number of the most populous — and also tourism-dependent — destinations within the Caribbean are crippled in the aftermath of among the strongest Atlantic basin storms ever recorded. Ferocious storms are not anything new to those islands, however Hurricane Irma, using its own 185-mile-per-hour winds, has been devastating. Cities, and a few islands, have … [Read more…]

On the Route of Chuck Berry’s ‘Promised Land, ” Five Decades On –

Chuck Berry’s 1964 classic “Promised Land” is about movement. The opening guitar riff is really a large and quick thing {}, a bus departing the station, also a jet climbing in the tarmac. The bad boy, that our narrator, is endlessly rollin’ and ridin’, straddling that Greyhound, smoking to New Orleans, swinging low chariot, coming … [Read more…]