Diabetic thought her symptoms were due to swimming

Carly Pink-O’Sullivan discovered her diabetes after visiting China and Nepal She blamed walking for eight hours a day on needing to drink 12 litres of water  Ms Pink-O’Sullivan experienced shakiness and double vision after working out She dismissed diabetes as the cause due to her being extremely fit and healthy Ms Pink-O’Sullivan recently ran 12km and … [Read more…]

Traveling to America While Muslim –

Sulaika Abokor, a Somali-born elementary-school teacher in London, dreams of “a road trip from Seattle to California.” Even the 34-year-old was planning a vacation to Seattle to see. She fell in love with all all the outdoorsy town when she seen in 2010. However, due to the Trump government’s travel ban forbidding most traffic from … [Read more…]

The most bizarre Japanese inventions ever created

A baby’s onesie exists which mops the floor as the infant crawls around Other curious contraptions include a tie that doubles up as an umbrella  Here, MailOnline rounds up some of Japan’s most truly bonkers inventions By Annabel Fenwick Elliott for MailOnline Japan is known for churning out wacky products, and this selection doesn’t disappoint. Some, … [Read more…]

Where the Wallowa Mountains Begin –

Hours in any direction from the nearest decent-size city, Wallowa County, Ore., is remote even by the standards of the rural Northwest. For there, my husband, our daughter and I snapped across the straw-colored shore of the Columbia River, through Pendleton, house of the rugged woolen blanket, also La Grande, also a college town with … [Read more…]